The trapline speaks to my soul, it speaks about my roots, my ancestry, the history of those who came down the river before me, and the sounds I hear are pleasing to my ear.

Logan County Coyote


I have trapped in the hills of West Virginia since I was fifteen years of age, and I have been blessed to trap a few other places as well, sometimes with results, other times without. It is still within me, and I doubt it will ever leave. Currently I reside near Pecks Mill, West Virginia,in Logan County. I make my living as the owner of Revelation Mountain Outfitters, a professional hunting outfit that I operate in the great state of Alaska. When I am not guiding hunts for Dall sheep, Alaska-Yukon moose, or the great Alaskan brown bear, I am typically in pursuit of beaver here in the mountains of West Virginia. I hope these pages will inspire and educate others that desire to live deliberately, and lay steel in the hills.