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Alaska Wilderness Hunting For Brown Bear, Dall Sheep, Alaska Yukon Moose, And More!
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Alaska-Yukon Moose, Caribou and More!


Revelation Mountain Outfitters is team of professionals consisting of Master Guide Tony Dingess & and Licensed Pilot and Assistant Guide Cole Hawkins. We offer fair-chase hunts for Alaskan brown bear, trophy Dall sheep, Alaska-Yukon moose, caribou, wolf and wolverine. Hunts are available on a customized basis as we strive to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Alaskan brown bear hunts are conducted from the Alaska Peninsula's GMU 9 all the way back to the Cook Inlet country in GMU's 19 and 16B. Dall sheep hunts are conducted in the Western Alaska Range and in the famed Chugach Mountains if clients are fortunate enough to draw the limited non-resident tags. Exceptional rams have been one of our main focus points for years. Salmon fed brown bears can be found in abundance in the Kuskokwim Valley and the tidal flats of Cook Inlet, with 9 ft. + bears being a possibility throughout the region. Black bear can be found everywhere from sheep country to the salmon streams west of Cook Inlet, and can usually be included on most hunts. Mountain grizzly can be combined with sheep hunts or black bear hunts in the Alaska Range, and moose, brown bear combos can be had in the lower elevations in GMU 19 and GMU 16B.

Revelation Mountain Outfitters is a fair chase hunting outfit offering custom hunts for the discerning sportsman. Rifle hunters, muzzle loaders, bow hunters, pistol hunts, whatever your choice we have an Alaskan hunt for you. An Alaskan brown bear hunt is the epitome of the North American wilderness experience, and our Dall sheep hunts leave little room for you to catch your breath. We are a Christian run outfit, striving to offer a clean family environment for fellow sportsmen. Please take your time and enjoy the content on our site!

 Peninsula Brown bear

Master Guide Tony Dingess and apprentice Sergey Serebrennikov with a beautiful blonde brown bear taken by Derek Harbula on the Alaska Peninsula