Oil by Tony Eugene Dingess

List 169 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, on Monday, the 16th Sept 1751.
Present: The Worshipful, the Mayor, Thomas York, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the ship Brothers *, Capt. William Muir, from Rotterdam, did this day take and subscribe the usual Qualifications. Whole Freights 200. No. 93. Messrs. Stedman.


Johannes Leinberger
Johann Jacob Zigenfuss
Johan Philibus Schneck
J. Melchior (X) Swerer
Henry (X) Shneyder
Johannes Bieber
Hans Jacob Farni
Hans Adam Wagner
Johannes Schmitt
Jeörg Mader
Valtin Matter
Michael (X) Oberly
Johann Nicolaus Merckel
Görg Conrad Meffert
Philib Frantz
Johan Jacob Ahlem
Andreas Klein
Johan Adam Stein
Johannes Zeiszler
Ludwig (X) Friedland
Johann Michael Mohr
Peter (X) Moore
J. Peter (+) Dinges
Peter (+) Heyser
Johann Jacob Blum
J. Jacob (+) Maul
Johannes Seyfarth
J. Peter (X) Sheesler
Johan Görg Hötzler
J. Jacob (X) Gerling
Jacob Ludwig
Martin (++) Wolff
Henry (+) Wulff
Adam (+) Adams
Vallentin (X) Plumenstein
Johann Wendel Beylstein
J. George (X) Kirchner
Friederich (O) Kirchmer
Christoff Hauer
Christoff Hauer[sic]
Jacob (+) Hawer
Bernhart (X) Hawer
Sebastian Nagel
Martin Maintzer
Johann Michael Haus
Henrich Seytel
Friederich (X) Millefelt
Erhart (X) Millefelt
Michel Bieber
Henrich Bieber
Johan Jacob Schmit
Johannes Schmitt
Christof Weber
Georg Hacker
Jacob Lehmann
Jacob Heit
Davit Mussgnug
Michael Raub
Johann Georg Stählin
Anthony Hauer
Joachim Nagel
Anthony Nagel
Georg Obermeyer
Anthoni Nagel
Hans Jörg Kappel
Hans Georg Dillman
Michael Weber
Andreas Mor
Johanes (M) Munster
Georg Meintzer
Conrad (+) Menser
Hans Georg (X) Uhllerik
Anthony (+) Graff
Davit (+) Bietch
Michael (+) Bietch
Johann Adam Heiser
Görg Bastian Eigelberger
Lutwig Schlücker
Jacob (+) Roth
Johanes (X) Maintzer
Friedrich Danniel Müller
Ludwig Weltner
George (+) Hoffeintz
Jacob Ritter
Ludewig (+) Bender
Daniel Zoller
Jacob Frantz
Joh. Henry ( ) Past. Doct., on board

*The ship "Brothers" is not to be confused with the "Two Brothers," which sailed the same year.

J. Peter Dinges is the Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather of Tony Dingess