The past is littered with bits and pieces of truth and myth. Oftentimes the two are indistinguishable through the dense fog of time, yet this desire to know the truth of our ancestry compels us. The desire to identify with those who have gone before us inspires, and the yearning to understand our own essence keeps the quest alive!

My wife's desire to sort through the mysteries of her youth has been passionate and relentless. Her fervent searching has inspired me in my ancestral quest, and the world of the internet has opened a vast expanse of treasure to us all.

This site reflects the efforts of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of individuals who find history to be more than mere words in the air, or on the page. It is a tribute to Appalachian peoples, to our families who have struggled to draw out life from a well that is both severe, and joyous. This is a site for all those who cherish the mountains, and the sound of their rushing waters. Hopefully it will preserve some memories of our loved ones who struggled and rejoiced in the lands west of the Blue Ridge.

Darlene and Tony Dingess on an overlook above Harts, West Virginia

Tony and Darlene (Mitchem) Dingess are both life-long West Virginians, residing near Harts Creek, in Lincoln County.