My wife Darlene and I are both West Virginians by birth, and we still reside near Harts Creek, in Lincoln County. Darlene was born in Hatfield Bottom, on Island Creek, Logan County, while I was born in Huntington. We are both devout charismatic Christians, and I have been ordained as a minister of the Gospel since 1989. Darlene's interest in her family history was evident from the time we married in 1992, but we discovered very little until the advent of the internet, then we discovered resources galore. We have spent thousands of hours in this pursuit, but we give far more credit to those who have labored by hand and foot before us, since much of the information we have stumbled across is simply the fruit of other men's labors. While we have not discovered any closely related millionaires in the family, we have discovered some notable ancestors. Darlene has a 1st cousin, 5 times removed by the name of Andrew Jackson (our 7th President), and I discovered my 9th great grandfather, Henry Sampson came to America on the Mayflower as a young man of 15 or 16 years, and his cousins (that had brought him here) both died during the first winter at Plymouth Colony.

All in all, this is an enjoyable pursuit, and if we can help anyone in the pursuit of their own mysteries, we are always happy to do so. Individuals should realize that genealogy can be overwhelming, and facts are easily overlooked, and errors in pedigrees are fairly common. If you think we are in error concerning some particular individual, or you just want to share info, feel free to contact us. We never claim to be perfect!


Tony and Darlene Dingess
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